Built right next to the rail lines in 1955 by Zellerbach Paper Company, the Stellaria Building was originally used to store logs for paper pulp and ready-to-ship finished paper. Lichen Yew, LLC purchased the building from Down to Earth in late 2010 and began construction on an extensive remodel in January 2011.


Design Inspiration

The remodel was designed to accommodate the business activities of Hummingbird Wholesale as well as a variety of nonprofit organizations and small businesses. The concept was to provide a collaborative and functional space for businesses and organizations who are working toward sustainability and health. We wanted a vibrant, warm working environment full of natural light. We wanted to encourage interaction among the tenants and to meet the needs of the tenants through common means.

Stellaria plant - also known as Chickweed

Building Features

Straw Bale Wall

The beautiful wall in Hummingbird Wholesale’s storefront makes the Stellaria Building the first commercial building in Oregon to include a straw bale insulating wall.

Reused Materials

The original metal siding of the warehouse was re-used as a drop ceiling in some of the offices and common areas. “Urbanite” (broken concrete from demolitions) was re-used to create beautiful landscaping borders.

Natural Light

Skylights provide natural light throughout the building, including the warehouse.


Green Building Highlights

  • 27 kilowatt photovoltaic system

  • Central solar hot water heater with tankless gas backup heaters, hot water also circulates through honey warmer used by Hummingbird Wholesale


  • Efficient heating and cooling systems include ductless heat pumps, hybrid gas heating with heat pump cooling, and geothermal heating and cooling

  • Super-insulated building shell using R28 insulation in the walls and R40 in the ceilings

  • Compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, plus occupancy sensors

  • Environmentally friendly finishes such as whey based floor finish and no-VOC paints

  • Bioswale captures and filters runoff from the parking lot

  • All tenants are required to go through the BRING Re:Think Business program

  • Tenant water, gas and electric consumption is metered by a web-based system that gives feedback on energy and resource use

  • Zero Waste reuse and recycling stream

  • Indoor bike parking and shower

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